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Choose parking lot maintenance and repair for Washington, PA, McMurray, PA and Canonsburg, PA, from A-1 Asphalt Sealing of Washington. If you own a business, you know the importance of having a parking lot free of potholes and cracks. The parking lot is one of the first impressions customers will have regarding your property. Having a well-maintained parking area can help add to the appeal of your business, and create a welcoming environment.

We offer trusted parking lot maintenance and repair for a wide array of businesses. Our staff will ensure that they go over every detail with precision, so you get the repair work you need done. Give us a call at (724) 747-0963 or use the contact form below.

Offering an Array of Repair Techniques for Your Parking Lot

Our experienced technicians are well-equipped to address various issues, ensuring that your parking area remains in optimal condition. From routine inspections to major repairs, we’ve got you covered. One of our primary services is asphalt repair and resurfacing. Our skilled contractors identify problems and apply effective repair techniques that restore the structural integrity of your parking lot. Whether it is filling cracks, patching potholes, or resurfacing worn-out sections, we will ensure you parking lot lasts.

Providing Line Striping and Handicap Parking Spaces

Faded parking lot markings can lead to confusion and safety hazards. Our line striping and marking services help enhance the functionality of your parking lot. We use quality paint and techniques to create clear, visible, and well-organized parking spaces, directional arrows, handicap symbols, and more. This not only improves the traffic flow but also ensures your business is in compliance with regulations.

Sealcoating Maintains Your Parking Lot’s Appearance

Sealcoating is an essential step in protecting your parking lot from the damaging effects of UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. Our sealcoating services create a protective barrier that helps extend the life of your asphalt, prevent cracks, and maintain appearance. Regular sealcoating also makes cleaning and maintenance easier, contributing to the overall upkeep of your parking area.

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